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Great Shiplock Park to Rockett’s Landing

Length: 2.4 miles round trip

  • Start: Mile marker 51.2 (Great Shiplock Park)

  • Turnaround point: Mile marker 50 (Rockett’s Landing

Parking: Free overnight and day parking available at Great Shiplock Park

Attractions along the trip:

  • 23rd & Main Taproom & Kitchen (Slightly past Great Shiplock park trailhead)

  • Old Original Bookbinder’s (Slightly past Great Shiplock Park trailhead)

  • Millie’s Diner (Slightly past Great Shiplock Park trailhead)

  • Poe’s Pub (Slightly past Great Shiplock Park trailhead)

  • Hill Park (.5 miles from Great Shiplock Park trailhead)

  • The Boathouse (Just west of mile marker 50)

  • Republic (Just west of mile marker 50)

  • Rockett’s Landing (Mile marker 50)

*Great for kids*


This short, round trip along the Richmond riverfront is perfect for foodies, kids and anyone looking for some relaxed fun. Park your car in the Great Shiplock Park lot and either head north off the trail to Libby Hill Park, or head east along the trail towards Rockett’s Landing. Libby Hill Park offers a magnificent view of the city of Richmond and is only half a mile off of the trail. Along the Richmond Riverfront phase of the trail you will first encounter The Kickstand – a small bike shop right on the trail. In fact, if you don’t own a bike this is the perfect spot to rent one! As you continue further east on the trail you will enjoy a scenic bike ride (or walk) right on the edge of the James River. Just before entering the heart of Rockett’s landing you will see two of Richmond’s best riverfront restaurants, The Boathouse and Conch Republic. Enjoy a great meal with prime river views and then head on over to Rockett’s Landing for history, arts, entertainment, restaurants, nightlife, and more. Stay and explore for as long as you’d like and when you’re ready, you are only a short mile away from where you started!