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Founded in 2012, the Trail Ambassadors are a dedicated, trained group of volunteers who do regular patrols of the Trail. You may have seen them on the Trail in their orange safety vests.

WHat do the Trail ambassadors do?

While on patrol, Ambassadors assist Trail users with directions, suggestions of where to stop for food and water, basic first aid, bike repair and answering any questions about the Virginia Capital Trail. After each patrol, Ambassadors submit reports to help gather information about the Trail and assess Trail needs. Ambassadors are also responsible for organizing regular litter pickups along the Trail.

How to join?

In order to join, interested parties must pass a background check and complete Ambassador training. Training consists of an informational portion and a Trail portion (usually on a bike). You can sign up HERE

What is required?

We ask that all Ambassadors are out on the Trail 3 times each month from April to October.

2019 Training dates:

Thursday, September 19th at 10AM to 1PM at the Jamestown Settlement

Saturday, November 9th at 10AM to 1PM at the Heritage Public Library (10708 Courthouse Road Charles City, VA 23030)

If you have any questions, please email our Event and Program Manager, Claire at