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Jamestown Settlement to Chickahominy Riverfront Park

Length: 13 miles round trip

  • Start: Mile marker 0 (Jamestown Settlement eastern trailhead)
  • Turnaround point: Slightly west of mile marker 6.5 (Chickahominy Riverfront Park)

Parking: Free parking at Jamestown Settlement (9am – 5pm); Overnight parking at James City County Marina with permit obtained at Marina Store

Attractions along the trip:

  • Jamestown Settlement (.5 miles past Jamestown trailhead)
  • Powhatan Village (.5 miles past Jamestown trailhead)
  • Susan Constant (.5 miles past Jamestown trailhead)
  • Jamestown Beach Event Park (.5 miles past Jamestown trailhead)
  • James City County Marina (.5 miles past Jamestown trailhead)Jamestown 4-H Education Center (Slightly east of mile marker .5, about .4 miles south of trail)
  • Carlton Farms (About .3 miles south of mile marker .8)
  • Veterans Park (Mile marker 2, about 3 miles north of trail)
  • Freedom Park (Slightly west of mile marker 2, 4.9 miles north of trail)
  • Chickahominy Riverfront Park (Slightly west of mile marker 6.5

*Great for kids*


The short length of this trip coupled with the variety of Jamestown and riverfront attractions makes it perfect for kids. The trip begins at the Jamestown Settlement – the eastern trailhead of the Virginia Capital Trail. Enjoy all of the attractions within half a mile of the trailhead including: Susan Constant, Powhatan Indian Village, Jamestown Settlement, Jamestown Beach Event Park, and James City County Marina. From water activities and outdoor sports to historical re-creations and shows, these attractions have something for everyone. They are open daily from 9am – 5pm, but see their websites for summer hours and additional information! After indulging in the full Jamestown experience, start on the trail and head west. Within half a mile you will arrive near the Jamestown 4-H Educational Center which features outdoor education classes such as kayaking, archery, and more! Make sure to call ahead (757-253-4931) for reservations and information. Located further up the trail, at mile marker .8, is Carlton Farms – open daily from 9am to 5pm. Carlton Farms offers private horseback trail rides and lessons for new and advanced riders. Like the 4-H Educational Center, it’s best to call ahead. The remainder of the trip, on the Chickahominy Riverfront Phase, has little to no stops. For this reason, make sure you have plenty of water before setting out. When you arrive at your destination, Chickahominy Riverfront Park, visit the bike repair station, rent kayaks, hit the driving range, swim, or relax in the shade and enjoy snacks from the concessions store. See the website ( for park-fee information. If you want, you can even stay the day and camp by the river! Whenever you’re ready, head back east on the trail 6.5 miles to the Jamestown Settlement trailhead.