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August Newsletter: The Glue to the Capital Trail


The Glue of the Capital Trail

August 14

I have been meeting with several people and many are impressed with the success of the Capital Trail while also noticing its complexities. There are so many stakeholders behind its success including four jurisdictions the trail goes through, two districts of VDOT, bicycle advocacy groups, running groups, economic development organizations, trail building groups, land conservation groups, event organizers, volunteers who monitor the Capital Trail daily, and so many other stakeholders. Even though the Capital Trail is complex there is one consistent thing, the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation. The Virginia Capital Trail Foundation is the glue to all these entities and is the unified voice of the Capital Trail. We are grateful to continue to serve this awesome regional asset for transportation and recreation. We want it to continue to grow with more spur trails, businesses, and users. If you are a user or trail lover and want to get more involved, please consider joining us by volunteering or by giving us a financial donation. We now allow weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly online donations.


Cat Anthony

Executive Director