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Dorey Park Farmers Market Insiders Scoop


Dorey Park Farmer’s Market Insider’s Scoop

By John Bragg (VCTF Trail Ambassador)

One of the joys of riding on Capital Trail is sharing the adventure with other fellow minded bikers.

Two Trail Ambassadors, Linda and myself, did just that at the Dorey Park Farmer’s Market Saturday, August 3rd. The two of us manned an informational booth as part of the Capital Trail Foundation’s Outreach Program. It was great fun to represent the organization by passing out trail maps, stickers, and soliciting folks to sign up for the Trail Newsletter. Most important in my mind was providing information about the Trail, the Foundation’s mission, and how to support their mission. 

Many folks stopped by the booth to see what we are all about. It was surprising to see just how many folks, who had enjoyed riding in younger years and not been on a bike since, were excited about the opportunities to be had in the Richmond area for newer riders. Several were interested in group rides, supporting Wounded Warriors and other causes.  These folks were referred to local groups such as Richmond Area Bicycling Association. Of course, veteran riders did stop by to chat about equipment, their trail experiences both in Central Virginia and Southwest Va as well as Europe. Good times were had by all.  Great experience!