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Cap2Cap Training Tips


Training is different for everyone but there are some universal tips to help any rider. One of the best things about Cap2Cap is that it’s a non-competitive, fully supported ride so it’s great for beginners or experienced cyclists looking to test themselves. We’ve consulted Cap2Cap participants and the Trail community about best practices for training for your 23, 52, or even 100-mile rides on May 11th!


Identify Your Starting Point

Are you a regular rider or is this your first time getting on a bike in years? Regardless of where you start, it’s important to go on a ride to find your benchmark. You may find you can only do 15 now but you’re looking to train for 20+ miles. Knowing your starting point will help you identify and set realistic goals so get out on the Trail and ride!


Set Your Cap2Cap Goal

Once you identify your benchmark ride it’s time to set your goal! Do you want to ride your first half-century? One way to motivate yourself is to sign-up early! But don’t worry- if you don’t quite have the time to train as much as you would have liked it’s easy to transfer your Cap2Cap ride to a shorter distance. Just email us anytime before May 8th and we can easily switch your registration.


Create a Training Schedule

 It’s important to create a training schedule that works for you. If you have a more aggressive goal you will need a more consistent schedule. Identify days you can dedicate to training and commit to riding on those days (the hardcore among you will do this rain or shine!).  For less experienced riders, try incorporating other exercises during the week to increase your fitness level. Whether it’s every other week, every week, or multiple times a week, setting a schedule will help keep you on track.

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Set Smaller Goals

With your schedule set, you can now set several smaller goals during the duration of your training. For example, after 2 weeks of training your goal can be to up your mileage from 15 miles to 17 miles.  Setting several of these goals will give you a sense of achievement and keep you motivated as you work towards your final mileage goal. 


Create Accountability

Whether it’s finding a training partner, posting on social media, or doing group rides it’s great to find ways to hold you accountable. Williamsburg Area Bicyclists (WAB) and Richmond Area Bicycling Association (RABA) are great local resources to find cycling buddies and group rides. During training, feel free to post online and tag us #cap2cap2019 with your best training pictures or videos!


Gear Up

Don’t forget to set yourself up for success while training for your ride. Especially for beginners, it’s important to remember to wear bike appropriate clothes (layers are encouraged!), bring plenty of water, and wear a helmet. You also want to make sure your bike is in tip-top shape for training.


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Do you do anything special to prep for Cap2Cap or other rides? Let us know in the comment section below!