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Jamestown Settlement to Cul’s Courthouse Grille

Length: 41 miles round trip

  • Start: Mile marker 0 (Jamestown Settlement eastern trailhead)
  • Turnaround point: Mile marker 20.5 (Cul’s Courthouse Grille/Capital Trail Bike Shuttle pick-up)

Parking: Free parking at Jamestown Settlement (9am – 5pm); Overnight parking at James City County Marina with permit obtained at Marina Store

Attractions along the trip:

  • Jamestown Settlement (.5 miles past Jamestown trailhead)
  • Powhatan Village (.5 miles past Jamestown trailhead)
  • Susan Constant (.5 miles past Jamestown trailhead)
  • Jamestown Beach Event Park (.5 miles past Jamestown trailhead)
  • James City County Marina (.5 miles past Jamestown trailhead)
  • Jamestown 4-H Education Center (Slightly east of mile marker .5, about .4 miles south of trail)
  • Carlton Farms (About .3 miles south of mile marker .8)
  • Veterans Park (Mile marker 2, about 3 miles north of trail)
  • Freedom Park (Slightly west of mile marker 2, 4.9 miles north of trail)
  • Chickahominy Riverfront Park (Slightly west of mile marker 6.5)
  • Fort Pocahontas at Wilson’s Wharf (Slightly east of mile marker 15.5, 1.5 miles south of trail)
  • Piney Grove at Southall’s Plantation (Slightly east of mile marker 15.5, 5 miles north of trail)
  • Kittiewan Plantation (Slightly west of mile marker 18.5, 1 mile south of trail)
  • North Bend Plantation (Slightly west of mile marker 18.5, 1 mile south of trail)
  • Belle Air Plantation (Slightly west of mile marker 19.5)
  • Charles City County Visitor Center & Courthouse (Slightly west of mile marker 20)


Before you start your trip, grab a quick bite to eat at the Jamestown Settlement Café right near the eastern trailhead. If you’d like, before setting off explore the many historic attractions near the trailhead such as the Jamestown Settlement, Powhatan Village, Susan Constant, and more. After you begin your journey, starting at mile marker 0, the first major attraction you will come to is the Chickahominy Riverfront Park located slightly west of mile marker 6.5 right before the bridge. Take a pit stop at the park and visit the bike repair station, rent kayaks, hit the driving rage, swim, or relax in the shade and enjoy snacks from the concessions store. See the website ( for park-fee information. When you’re ready, hop back on your bike and continue over the bridge for the next leg of your trip! The next phase of your trip will be through the Sherwood Forest, with Porta Potties sporadically located along the trail for your convenience. Just before mile marker 13, stop for quick refreshments at the Sandy Point Superette if needed. Continuing on the trail, located slightly west of mile point 16.5 you will see the Sherwood Forest Plantation – home of the 10th U.S. President John Tyler. If you arrive between the hours of 9am and 5pm you can give yourself a self-guided tour. Finally, between mile markers 20 and 21 arrive at the turnaround point, Cul’s Courthouse Grille, and enjoy a well-deserved meal before biking 20 miles back to the Jamestown Settlement trailhead.