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Four Mile Creek Park to Cul’s Courthouse Grille

Length: 40 miles round trip

  • Start: Mile marker 40 (Capital Trail Bike Shuttle location at Four Mile Creek Park)
  • Turnaround point: Mile marker 20.5 (Cul’s Courthouse Grille/Capital Trail Bike Shuttle pick-up

Parking: Parking by Four Mile Creek trailhead

Attractions along the trip

  • Deep Bottom Park & Four Mile Creek (Slightly east of mile marker 38.5, 2.0 miles south of trail)
  • Richmond National Battlefield Park Visitor Center (Mile marker 35.5, about 3 miles north of trail)
  • Shirley Plantation (Slightly west of mile marker 30, about 2.5 miles south of trail)
  • Edgewood Plantation (Slightly west of mile marker 27, .5 miles north of trail)
  • Berkeley Plantation (1 mile south of mile marker 27)
  • Westover Plantation (2.5 miles south of mile marker 27)
  • Westover Church (Slightly west of mile marker 25, .3 miles south of trail)


This trip, similar to the plantation trip, begins on the New Market Heights trail phase starting at mile marker 40. Before the trip, grab some refreshments and snacks for the road at the Exon station – there are not a lot of places to get food along this route! After setting off, you will see Deep Bottom Park and Four Mile Creek at mile marker 38.5 if you want to take a detour and check them out. 3 miles north of mile marker 35.5, get a dose of Richmond history at the Richmond National Battlefield Park visitor center. Continue down the trail and at mile marker 28 head north to Harrison Park to take a break. Harrison Park is a 19-acre park with a bike/jogging trail, picnic areas, shelters, tennis courts, soccer fields, and more. When you’re ready, head back to the trail and continue down the Charles City Courthouse phase. At mile marker 27, Edgewood Plantation is located just half a mile north of the trail, with Berkeley Plantation and Westover Plantation a few miles south. When you are ready to resume your trip along the trail, your next attraction will be the historic Westover church located slightly west of mile marker 25. Finally, finish up the last few miles and end up at Cul’s Courthouse Grille. From here, rest up and make the 20 mile trip back on your bike!