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Central Purrrk

1706 E. Main Street, Richmond, VA

Central Purrk’s been taken over by rescue cats and they shut down the kitchen.  We’re no longer a separate coffee shop, but we offer drip coffee and hot tea, cocoa, and soft drinks to enjoy while spending time with the cats.  We’re sorry the delicious drinks are gone, but we had to make room for what people really wanted, which was More cats! Less cafe.

If you’re just coming to shop our retail store, there’s no admission.  You’ll find a nice selection of local and handmade gift items sold to support our rescue efforts.  We also foster cats in our lounge area.  With paid admission, visitors enjoy a complimentary beverage and spend time with the kitties, all of which are available for adoption.

Our resources are focused on adult cats, as they’re the ones who languish in shelters as the kittens beside them are adopted quickly.  They deserve our dedicated time and attention.  Our relaxing environment allows us to work on the rehabilitation of certain behavior issues that keep cats from finding a connection with people.  It’s amazing to see the progress made from when they arrive to when they’re chosen for adoption.

Phone: 804-562-2533                                                                                                               Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 11AM-7PM Sunday, 11AM-5:30PM