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Charles City


Burlington PlantatioN

13221 John Tyler Memorial Highway

We are a new wedding and events venue that provides an updated, elegant atmosphere for all who come here! We have four buildings on our property, Main House, Ice House, Bridal Cottage, Stables- Main event venue (seats up to 300 guests with TV capabilities)." 

Address: 13221 John Tyler Memorial Hwy, Charles City, Va 23030

Phone: (804) 829-2821

Edgewood Plantation

4800 John Tyler Memorial Highway

Edgewood, built ca. 1849 in the Gothic Revival Style, surprises visitors with its northern exterior and southern interior, including a double spiral staircase and ten fireplaces. Edgewood was used to hold services for Westover Church during the Civil War.

Grounds and gardens open daily: 10:30AM - 4:30PM
House tours preferably by appointment
Phone: (804) 829-2962
Virginia Capital Trail location: Slightly west of mile marker 27

North Bend Plantation

12200 Weyanoke Road

North Bend Plantation, ca 1801, was built by John Minge for his wife Sarah Harrison, sister of William Henry Harrison, 9th U.S. president. Gen. Sheridan and his union troops occupied the area in 1864, and a desk used by General Sheridan remains with original labels confirming the date of its use by him. Heirlooms at North Bend trace the family history to previous owners of Westover, Evelynton and Berkeley Plantations.

Grounds and gardens open daily
House tours by appointment only
Phone: (804) 829-5176
Virginia Capital Trail location: Slightly west of mile marker 18.5, 1 mile south of trail

Piney Grove at Southall’s Plantation – 1790

16920 Southall Plantation lane

Established as a seat of the Southall family, today the grounds also include Ashland - 1835, Dower Quarter – 1835, Ladysmith – 1857, and Duck Church – 1917. The self-guided grounds tour includes exhibits, gardens, and nature trail. On many Saturdays, or by appointment for groups, progressive guided “Tours-by-the-Owners” featuring all five historic buildings, the gardens, and grounds are offered.

Phone: (804) 829-2480
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Virginia Capital Trail location: Slightly east of mile marker 15.5, 5 miles north of trail

Shirley Plantation 1613

501 Shirley Plantation Road

The Carter family invites you to experience eleven generations of American history through the eyes of one family. The Carter family is grateful to the visitors who support the preservation of our historic home. Shirley is Virginia’s first plantation (1613) and the oldest family-owned business in North America (1638). With its collection of eight original buildings, Shirley Plantation is the most intact colonial estate in America. Today, Shirley continues to be a working farm, a private family home, and a growing business. To learn more about Shirley and its tours, special events, hands-on programs, and gift shop visit our web site. The Carter family still lives at Shirley.

Summer hours (March-Nov.) are Monday-Saturday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. Sunday 12:30 - 4:30 pmWinter hours (Dec.- Feb.) are Monday-Saturday 10 am - 4:00 pm. Sunday 12:30pm - 4:00 pm
Phone: (804) 829-5121
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Virginia Capital Trail location: About 2.5 miles south of mile marker 30

Fort Pocahontas at Wilson’s Wharf

13150 Sturgeon Point Road

Ft. Pocahontas at Wilson’s Wharf was the site of the action between the United States Colored Troops (USCTs) and the Confederate Cavalry on 24 May 1864. Although outnumbered by the 2,500 soldier cavalry led by Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, the 1400 USCTs successfully defended the fort under the leadership of Gen. Edward A. Wild. The action comes alive each year during the weekend prior to Memorial Day.

Open by appointment for groups of 10 or more
Phone: (804) 829-9722
Virginia Capital Trail location: Slightly east of mile marker 15.5, 1.5 miles south of trail


12104 Weyanoke Road

Land given to Governor George Yeardley in 1617. Home of Dr. William Rickman appointed by Continental Congrees, May 16, 1776, in charges of hospitals in Virginia during the Revolutionary War. Occupied by Union Forces during the Civil War. Museum of Americana. Headquarters of the Archeology Society of Virginia.

Open house tours are the second Saturday of each month from April thru December 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Other tours by appointment.

Phone: (804) 829-2272
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Virginia Capital Trail location: Slightly west of mile marker18.5, 1 mile south of trail

Sherwood Forest Plantation

14501 John Tyler Memorial

Sherwood Forest Plantation was the home of the 10th U.S. President John Tyler from 1842 until his death in 1862 and has been continuously occupied by his descendants since that time. Original dependencies surround the home, along with a magnificent collection of trees and landscaped grounds. Enjoy a virtual tour of the home on our web site.

Open 9-5 daily for self-guided grounds tours. Group house tours by appointment only.
Phone: (804) 829-5377
Virginia Capital Trail location: Slightly west of marker 16.5


7000 Westover Road

Westover is one of the most elegant colonial plantations. It was built about 1730 by William Byrd II, founder of Richmond and Petersburg, and is widely known for its superb proportions and the finest 18th-century iron gates in this country. Self-guided grounds tour includes a walled garden, original dependencies, and the original sites of Charles City Courthouse and Westover Parish Church and graveyard.

Grounds and gardens open daily 9-6.Group house tours by appointment only.

Phone: (804) 829-2882
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Virginia Capital Trail location: 2.5 miles south of mile marker 27

Westover Church

6401 John Tyler Memorial Highway

Westover Parish was established ca 1613, and the original church was located on Westover Plantation. A new church was built at this location in 1731. Used as a stable during the Civil War, it was restored to service in 1867 and has been faithfully supported ever since. Through the centuries, farmers, plantation owners, slaves, and presidents, including Washington, Jefferson, Harrison, Tyler, and Theodore Roosevelt, have worshipped in the church.

Open daily: 9AM - 5PM
Phone: (804) 829-2488
Virginia Capital Trail location: Slightly west of mile marker 25, .3 miles south

Belle Air Plantation

11800 John Tyler Memorial Highway

Built ca 1670, this important architectural monument uniquely survives in the South. Huge timbers provide structure and interior decorative panels. Summer beams and the fine original Jacobean stair balustrade are particularly ornamental. Heirloom collections of exceptionally fine 18th century English and American antiques, including antique oriental carpets, tastefully complete the décor of the first and second floors.

(No rooms are roped off for this intimate tour with the owner and experienced guides.)

Open: By appointment for groups of 20 or more.
Phone: (804) 829-2431
Virginia Capital Trail location: Slightly west of mile marker 19.5

Berkeley Plantation

12602 Harrison Landing Road

Berkeley, one of Virginia’s most historic plantations, is the birthplace of Benjamin Harrison V., signer of the Declaration of Independence, and William Henry Harrison, ninth U.S. president. The first official Thanksgiving was held here in 1619. “Taps” was composed here in 1862 at the Civil War Headquarters of General McClellan. Costumed guides conduct tours of the 1726 Georgian mansion daily where outstanding gardens overlook the James River.

Open daily: 9:30AM - 4:30PM
Phone: (888) 466-6018
Virginia Capital Trail location: About 1 mile south of mile marker 27


Charles City County Visitor Center & Courthouse

10760 & 10702 Courthouse Road

The Visitor Center is located in the county’s historic 1901 Clerk’s Office and is adjacent to the 3rd oldest courthouse in the country. The visitor center invites guests to experience “the story of America in one small county” and acquaints visitors with things to see and do. Four outdoor interactive exhibits provide visitors with information about Charles City’s historic courthouse and about engagements there during the Revolutionary and Civil War.

Open daily: 9AM - 5PM
Phone: (804) 652-4701
Virginia Capital Trail location: Slight west of mile marker 20