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It Takes A Village to Raise a Capital Trail...

Every organization has a dedicated team of volunteers and sponsors that help accomplish a lot of the day to day goals, run programming, and get the word out about local events. The Virginia Capital Trail is no different, though our volunteers, sponsored by the Virginia Department of Transportation, get a great opportunity to spend time enjoying the outdoors. We’re currently looking to expand our volunteer program, the Trail Ambassadors.

The Trail Ambassadors, founded in 2012, are a volunteer organization dedicated to expanding and improving the user experience on the Capital Trail. Their duties include:

·         Concierge services: advise users on the amenities, water stops, views, tourist spots, etc.

·         Safety Advice (Please see the Rules of the Road)

·         First Aid Administration, including dialing 911, if the situation warrants

·         Minor Bike Repair: flat tire fixes, recommendations for local bike shops

·         Trail Reporting: Trail conditions, necessary repairs, all reported to VCTF

·         Litter Pickup



What Do I Do?

Our expectations are straightforward, and easy to meet: 

·         Two, 2-hour training sessions

·         Two patrols per month, April-October (no minimum required length)

The Trail Ambassadors Program is available to anyone looking to spend a little time helping others on the trail. You’ll be issued a vest, identification cards and a first aid kit, and you’re ready to hit the road. You will need your own bike, but Ambassadors can run or walk as well. It takes all kinds.

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