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What are some activities/attractions along or near the trail?

We have over 45 attractions on our map you can check out. These range from parks and plantations to museums and historical sites. For a full listing of these attractions, their hours, and other information, please visit our attractions page.

Are there places to eat along or near the trail?

Yes, there are many places to eat along and near the trail. Our trail map features over 50 places to eat from Richmond to Williamsburg, and you can also find a list of restaurants below.

What should I bring on the trail?

Think about always being prepared: water, phone, sunscreen, snacks, money and a way to carry everything.

Where can I find Planned itineraries?

We have suggested trips of various lengths for people of all ages, abilities, and interests below.

How do I get involved with the Capital Trail Foundation?

Volunteers and supporters are a huge part of the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation. We always appreciate extra help! More information can be found by clicking the link below.

How can I see what’s happening at the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation?

To find out what’s happening at the Capital Trail Foundation, you can subscribe to our newsletter for updates along with following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!