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Dorey Park and Recreation Center to Ronnie’s BBQ

Length: 6 miles round trip

  • Start: Just east of mile marker 42 (Dorey Park and Recreation Center)
  • Turnaround point: Slightly east of mile marker 45 (Ronnie’s BBQ)

Parking: Parking at Dorey Park – Drive to the far end of the park from the entrance

Attractions along the trip:

  • Dorey Park and recreation center (Just east of mile marker 42)
  • Ronnie’s BBQ (Just east of mile marker 45)

*Great for kids*


Yet another easy ride along the Virginia Capital Trail that is perfect for kids, this ride begins at the beautiful Dorey Park. Dorey Park includes a large pond, walking trail, walkways through the woods, a playground, picnic shelters and more! Dorey Park also offers an 18 hole disc golf course! The choice is yours: either stay awhile and enjoy the park, or enjoy it after your trip! Start your trip by heading west on the trail through the Varina Park phase. If you need refreshments, feel free to stop at the Fast Mart or Rite Aid near mile marker 44. Otherwise, head straight through until you reach Ronnie’s BBQ located just east of mile marker 45. Enjoy an excellent Southern-Style BBQ meal and then head back on the trail to Dorey Park to enjoy the rest of your day!